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of the piece comeback

Le 28 décembre 2014, 04:39 dans Humeurs 0

 price volatility, whether up or down, the parties to the agreement will be renegotiated price. That those who do not need those who want to black the Chinese government and related agencies worried.Why are some people so willing to black the Chinese government  Just last week a large ruble devaluation, it was claimed that a currency swap agreement just like China and Russia to Russia's give money machine, sudden, big joke. This past few days, the same logic of the piece comeback, black spirit of this country in every corner of the field where public opinion is always so abundant.There are probably two reasons, one is public opposition phenomenon is destined pluralistic society, so any time there must be a group of people rarity stubble mainstreamnew balance 574 sale institutions of government and society to do everything possible to prove that they are foolish, for looking out of all sorts of specious arguments.Such criticism is often wrong, and some inherently wrong with being granted, but critics often avoid loss of reputation, there appeared a second reason: there is a certain social values ??split, some people only recognize the position, regardless of the right wrong. Like China, the higher price of oil, through the exchange of money to Russia to send money, some people will feel that they do not meet the common sense, but because they are the target of the government, those people behind this kind

 of criticism, which is also wrong The first call forwarding good to say.There is a saying prejudice is more terrible than ignorance, bigotry values ??were once kidnapped relatively crazy. Fortunately, such a person is only relatively common on the Internet, in reality, most people silent, keeping the old cattle-like existence.The Government will make mistakes, of course, the government new balance 996 ukusually consists of the elite, but the extent of the government is not always wise elite intelligence sum they subtract the situation is there. Reform is to make government smarter and more efficient. China has accomplished all these years there are problems, but the state of governance in general more successful, which is the world, including a large number of Western elite consensus. Perhaps the governance of this country is not perfect, but other countries in the same period in contrast to China is not the best one is the best.Chinese diplomacy is robust, not a big strategic mistake, which is the mainstream of the global evaluation of the diplomatic community and academia. Chinese people should be confident that we are not that stupid, can see their own interests in the complicated international situation, and

through a variety of win-win China continues to accumulate revival of the commission's official website has become an important news source, to a certain extent reflects the depth and resolutely contemporary corruption. I believe that with the deepening of corruption and improve the relevant institution building, the birthplace News feature will be watered down.The afternoon of December 25, 2014 annual public opinion situation in China Internet Network Information Center will be held in the analysis revealed that Beijing News named 2014 Network Public Opinion hotspots first exposure media, the top three. Together with the Beijing News and other media into the TOP10, there are sites on the list of the commission.On this ranking, the commission new balance 996 ukwebsite, ranked No. 9, which is the official website for the first time in recent years, honored.Since last September 2 CCDI new official online line, quickly gained the attention of the media and users. In just over a year's time, the commission website popularity why so high CCDI news website become an important birthplace, indeed deserved, and the feelings of the public this year with consistency. CCDI was giving flies on Monday, Friday tigers and the pace of work, through its official website released the information presented.A non-professional media has become an important source of news, certainly has its particularity.First, it reflects the

lost its conditions and carrier

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they can be happy and relaxing holiday from such activities.In contrast to our traditional culture, and why it was left out  This is supposed to reflect the place. Dumplings, moon cake eating for thousands of years, it is inevitable epiglottis; Qingming Wickers, the Dragon Boat Festival inserted Ai, was incompatible with modern urban life. In other words, many of our traditional festivals, both in form and content, are some behind, inevitably derailed with the times, has gradually lost its conditions and carrier. This requires us to combine modern life, its constantly inject fresh blood, innovation, only to maintain their vigor.All along, we have a nike air max 90 womenslack of learning attitude and inclusive mind, accept others is lost must abandon their misconceptions. Japan, is a typical case is worth learning. Don thousand years eagerly learning culture; a hundred years ago and almost completely westernized, but now look at Japan, although wearing a suit, also Modiu kimono, its tea ceremony, judo, world-renowned cultural and other traditional dishes. Culture, only in order to survive the collision communion development.This behavior Xi'an universities, said light, is to increase students' aversion to further alienation of

traditional culture; say heavy, a violation of the rights of students, interfere with freedom. The real punished and need to be corrected, and it is precisely this behavior. Must recognize and accept foreign festivals and cultural tradition, the two not only contradict each other as well as to promote the role, and how to make our cultural self-confidence, we might start with the elimination of this cultural inferiority start. 24th came a news shocked the public opinion field again, saying that Russia's crude oil exports to China, the average price of $ 90 per barrel in November, the international oil price of $ 60 is 50% higher. This news nike air max 90 womensportrayed as stupid, taken for a ride, the Chinese government's image, declaring that China is a global oil price volatility, the biggest loser.Has allowed the United States feel the competitive pressures of the world's second largest economy and the largest trade body, is in the hundred and fifty in this way of doing business with the world do  If such a foolish nation can do the United States, Japan and other global economic giant overwhelmed by it, whether it is China stupid, or the entire Western world it is more stupid Bulk grain and other bulk oil trade

and global trade is the way to buy futures, which is the common sense of the business sector. China is to fulfill the purchase agreement before November from Russia as well as imports from the Middle East, Latin America, oil, do not know if it even went to the court of public opinion yell, thought he discovered the New World, which gives us how do you say China-Russia oil and gas price negotiations have been a very hard thing, the two sides are very tenacious material wealth. If even 50% of Chinesenike air max 90 hyperfuse sale are so distressed Debu, then you never have leaked during the CICA summit in Russia this year, talk is not going to say next, but at the last minute to reach the two gas big one in a dramatic scene. Western media are believed due to the crisis in Ukraine and Russia and the West tensions, China on price negotiations gained the advantage.Futures led to unique risk rule, when the rapid decline in global oil prices, the company executed import transactions oil-importing countries is likely a loss, but the economy will benefit the entire country. When oil prices soar, it will turn. Oil supply agreement between Russia and the international purchase agreements, there must be a price floating in space, when the international

discredit his private morality

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society will gradually increase the cohesion and mature together. Mao was too sharp, easy to recognize the merits of its meaning has to do all kinds of extended space to engage in debate with his focus, are most likely to struggle, help catch the public eye, manufacturing sensation.The Internet has become a platform since public opinion around the unofficial Mao appeared and rumors of the most extensive variety of History of new solutions dime a dozen. From discredit his private morality, to demonize his country's leadership philosophy, indeed do anything. In a country where the political system to maintain continuity of law, the nike air max thea womensfounding leader of the attack was so severe, a phenomenon worth pondering.Mao Zedong and his contribution to the cause of the life of faith, he is the leader of the tree of the enemy, but also because of the country he led the East in order to break the world the way provoke jealousy. Only China's renaissance under the CCP leadership ultimately successful realization of his history might be able to thoroughly evaluate the landing.China was very backward country, but chose a powerful Western world with a significant difference in Political Science development path, this hard needs

very strong leader and the collective will to bear. China's career has gone through several generations, continue to improve, until today usher in a new peak, it is commendable. Young people today do not have the experienced Mao era, but Mao's fans has increased, the derogatory wool boycott of social forces in the expansion, which is probably even more solid foundation for the country's political manifestation. 24 evening, Northwest University, Xi'an Institute of Modern Feng Xiao prohibit students from nike air max 2014 saleChristmas Eve, organizing all students to watch videos of traditional Chinese culture, and hanging out on the campus of the resist the expansion of Western culture, resolutely safeguard the traditional Chinese culture tagline. Some netizens said, there is a teacher classroom door guard, who would punish anyone for Christmas. The move caused controversy student, also caused heated debate online. (December 25, China Daily)In China, the annual Christmas, in addition to the casino, or the media field. Fawning, number of forgotten ancestors always heard criticism. This year's Christmas, this criticism intensified. Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province Department of Education issued a document to ban Christmas activities

within the campus, college students in Hunan Han clothing placards boycott Christmas, a series of coercive measures, Northwest University, Xi'an Modern School, all in all this sound hysterical.However, this does not mean that the victory of China's traditional culture, Western culture festival ruin. On the contrary, this is precisely reflects our cultural inferiority complex in the face of Western culture festival, feel threatened and panic. But in my opinion, this threat does not exist, this did not need to panic. air jordan 6 saleProhibit students from Christmas Eve, forcing it to watch videos, is not only against the trend of the times and the line, ridiculous; also complacent, insular, or even residual seclusion thinking, sadly.Christmas is not a scourge. Students Christmas, is that Apple and other gifts to send to send, gather a meeting, do a party, and then some crazy, also about a meeting, a white table, why should be banned  Besides, many of these are after Christmas and Chinese culture blend of evolution, such as Christmas Eve to eat the apple. December 24, just a matter of time nodes, one in the name of the carrier only. And the reason why young people favored Christmas, because the form of new, interesting content,

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